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A Food Products Distribution company with the sole aim of supplying and meeting the requirements of the community and providing efficient food distribution to our Customers.

Who we Are

We are a major player in the Nigerian food product distribution industry, with a strong reputation and undeniable respect. We distribute products that are both sustainable and hygienic to our  Customers.

Qualitative Process

Every company wants to be associated with a cause that motivates and brings people together. Diligence, Honesty, Hard Work, and a Commitment to Outstanding Performances have helped us be a household name.

Our Partners

Cross section of some of our Partner brands; 
Are you a food producing brand and willing to partner with Us?

  • dufil
  • crown-flour
  • dangote
  • fmn
  • gp
  • olam
  • mamador
  • bua
Over 28 +

Years of Experience

Over 20k +

Food Product Variations

Sales and Distribution

As an Intermediary between producers of Major brands of consumables, we are committed to giving nothing but the best. Supporting our Customers has been our topmost Priority and our relationship with them can be dated back to over 28 years and more which has earned us undisputable reputations within our productive approach working with them. 


We Exceed Expectations

We have a number of trucks with load capabilities ranging from 2 to 45 tons per load. At any given time, our warehouse can stock hold 4,000 tons of goods. We provide prompt and dependable delivery services to our consumers at all times, even as we strive to enhance our services on a regular basis.

Our Productive Approach

Solidity and assurance of quality services remain ever-growing. With a non-competitive spirit, but rather a nudge to being exceptional in the lenses of our customers, we go additional miles to achieve what seems challenging; turning negativity into positivity.

We build confidence around our work that allows customers share their totality as we also engage in developing a trusted culture of environment, so the customers feel safe with us.

We have a combined workforce with adequate and tested inputs in ensuring a total and desired delivery of requested services.

Our Subsidiaries

We have diversities of Business both in the Commercial Production sector and in the Hospitality sectors. 

Bofik Premium Water

Our purified Premium Water goes through a 6-step quality Management process. That way, we can ensure that it meets our stringent safety procedures while also tasting great.

Success Halls and Event Center

We own a 200,000 Capacity Event Center for Event and Occasion.

Core Value

Dedicated to meeting the requirements of our community by providing efficient food distribution. Godly virtues, people honesty, efficient stewardship, teamwork, enthusiasm, empowerment, and prompt delivery are the pillars around which we build. We believe that having access to healthy food is a fundamental human right.

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Food Products Distribution company with the sole aim to supplying hygienic products to our Customers.

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